Accessoires for your Iphone

Everyone has that feeling. You bought a new Iphone and you are so happy with it. After a while, you think about new gadgets to re-style your Iphone. With these accessoires you steal the show.

A small speaker
Do you always listen through your headphones? Maybe it's time to change that. Use a small speaker for listening to your music. Take a small one and wireless, you can take the speaker to the beach, swimming pool, or you can use it if you have a party.
A phone case
You have different kind of phone cases. You have hardcover or soft case. You can order this online or go to a mobile shop and choose your style. If you don't want a case, it's a option to buy a screenprotector. It's a second screen for your phone. You only have to stick this on your screen and your glass is protected.
A new way to charge your phone
Do you ever heard about a wireless charger? Iphone will release this in 2018. This is a path where you put your phone on. When your phone is on this path, it's charging. But how do you know it's charging? When your phone is lying on the path, there will be a small Led Light.
A second charger
Sometimes you are somewhere and your phone is almost empty, but you don't have a wall socket nearby. This struggle won't be the past. You can use a powerbank. The powerbank can charge your mobile phone for 12 hours.