New Apps

There are a lot of apps to download, but there are so many. We figured out which are useful to download.

The first one is Crossy Road.
We are in love with this new app/game. The game is about a chicken. You can collect coins and unblocked prices with new characters. Try to come as far as possible and ask your friends.
Really useful: reTXT
We thinks this is the best app, that we recommanded to you. You just send a message to your partner, friend or someone else. After you sent it, you thought; Hm, maybe I have to write it different or I want to delete it. This is possible, with these app. Bye bye awkward moments.
The new whatsapp: Happening.
People says this is the new whatsapp. In these app are more functions than in Whatsapp. For example there is a date searcher, games and selfie exercises. Furthermore, it's easier to find a message in a group app. I'm curious.
Bike Race
This game isn't new, but there is a new update. The game has new characters, themes and bikes. Also the parcours are different than update before. The game is about a biker, drive to biker through tracks with jumps and loops in this simple and fast game. We love it.