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When is your child ready for his/her first mobile?

There is a moment that children are old enought to have their own mobile phone. For children is that the moment to be a part of an own online life. For some parents is this idea scary. What are they going to do online? How can I help them? Here are some tips.
Let's start with the beginning. When are children old enough to have their own mobile phone? Research shows that most of the children are between 8 and 12 years old. The reasons to give their child a mobile phone is, because of going to the high school. They want to call or text their children whenever it's possible.
Imagazine, your child have a mobile phone, what kind of rules can I make? For example: do I have to make a rule about mobile on or off? Most of the parents choose to turn the mobile phone off in the evening, to make sure that their child have a good night. But is it normal to do things on your mobile phone when there their grandparents are there? That's something that you have to learn to your child. Let them now, that doing things on your mobile phone when you are something is not right. Show them, that you also put your mobile phone away and explain why.
This is also a good way for the next question. Some children are very happy to have finally their own mobile phone, but instead of doing other things like playing outside, they only texting and gaming on their mobile. Show and explain them, why you don't have to answer to every single message they receive.
The last is about social media. There are a lot of platform for children, like Instagram, Snapchat, Musically and many more. You see that your child share everything online. Explain them, that sharing something on the internet, is always on the internet and can't remove.
If you take a look to al the subject I explain to you. It's all about showing, explaining and talking with your children about the consequences. And something children don't want to listen to you or don't want a conversation with you about using a mobile phone. Don't be mad then, but keep trying. And sometimes it is good for them to make a mistake.