What you didn't know about your Iphone

Everyone that have a Iphone, knows that it's a really smart mobile phone. If you want to calculate something, there is a calculator. Or you can ask Siri for helping you, but did you know that Iphone has more options to make it easier for you.

Personalizing reactions by missed calls
If someone calls you but you don't have time to pick up the phone, you can send a SMS. For example: 'Sorry, I can't pick up the phone, call you later'. You can also personalize these message. How could you personalize this? Go to Settings -> Telephone -> Answer with message.
Keep focus
Did you know that you can lock the focus of your shot? Keep the focus of your shot until 'AE/AF Lock' is on the screen. The focus will then be on that point. You have the opportunity to position yourself perfectly to make your shot.
Shake off your message
Did you just typed your message but to fast or made mistakes? Shaking your phone allows you to undo the typed text. This is very easy when you walks through the street and don't have enough time. It's the same as Ctl + Z.
Healthy app
The Healthy app tracks automatically how many steps you take one day. You can personalize the app, so you have more useful information. You can add your weight, length and nutrition. And if you have a Fitbit, you can connect this with your healthy app.
Compass and..?
Iphone and working, it may not be a combination you would expect. You probably also love your Iphone as far away from hammers, chisels and other heavy objects. But did you know your Iphone can also serve as a pass? There are two functions in the Compass app. The first one is a compass but when you swipe to the right, the pass will appear.