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The do's for using Facebook and Instagram

Worlwide is Facebook the largest social media platform and Instagram as upcoming. A lot of people using social media, but what are the do's for using it?

Your profile photo
This works the same as in reallife. You always want to leave a good first impression to someone. By using social media (Facebook and Instagram) we think that you want a representive photo of you. Your profile photo is the first thing that people see, when they visit your page. A photo says more than thousand words. So, try to pick a nice holiday picture or selfie and make sure that the picture is typically you.
Facebook groups
Facebook and Instagram isn't only for sharing nice videos about animals or sharing your memories about your holiday. It's about connecting people with others. There are many exchange, sales and delivery groups. Try to connect with this kind of group and give your old stuff or clothes a second life. Or maybe you find something news for yourself. Most of these groups have specific requirements, for example, you have to life in a specific place or you may only offer certain items.
Public or prive?
On the internet, it's always wise to be aware of your privacy settings. It's wise to take 10 minutes for looking into the settings of each social media platform. Someone can tag you in a message at Facebook, but if that's a picture you don't want to share with everyone, you can put the option on, that you first see the message and make your own decision to share it or not.