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Is your mobile phone wet?

It's happens by a lot of people worlwide. Doing the dishes or going to the toilet and your mobile phone fall into the water. Now your mobile phone is wet. What can you do?
Everyone wants to know if his/her mobile phone is still alive, but don't do that! That's not good for your mobile phone than you thought it is. The first thing that you have to do is turn off your mobile phone, remove the SIM card and the battery (if it's possible) and try to dry it.
A good tip is to use a vacuum cleaner for your mobile phone. Don't use a hair dryer, because this is hot air and that's also not good. Before you can use the vacuum cleaner, remove the SIM card and battery. The vacuum cleaner stuck all the water out of your mobile.
This is an old tip but still useful: put your mobile phone in dry rice. Put your mobile phone for 48 hours in a dry bowl of rice, remove the SIM card and battery. This is better to dry it with an absortent cloth. If your mobile phone still not work after 48 hours, your mobile phone is dead.