How could you improve your wifi connection?

Slow internet or internet that doesn't work. It something really ignoring. How could you improve that? With these tips you have better wifi in your house.

First of all, place the modem in a good place. If you have bad wifi signal, the location of your modem is important for a good signal. Here a some tips for placing the modem in the best place.
* If your modem is in your meter box, place the modem as high as possible, for example by hanging it.
* If your modem is somewhere else, for example, in the living room, place the modem in a free place. Do not place it under or behind other objects.
* Keep other sources like surveillance devices and the landline phone away from the modem.

Second tips is to use a wifi amplifier. You also want a strong and good wifi signal in your garden. By using a wifi amplifier you make sure that the wifi signal is stronger. Last tip: ask always help from your telecom company. They can help you with placing the modem in the correct place, install the wifi amplifier or take a look at the problem. Maybe you need two wifi amplifier for your house instead of one.